What’s inside a Metal Detector Wand?

What happens in a metal detecting service. Today we’re going to cut open a metal detector wand. Have you seen these things? They’re at the airport. They’re everywhere where there’s security officers but this week is a unique week because the entire city of D.C. shuts down and turns into a fortress. They have 80,000 estimated security guards, national guard, police officers, they bring in police officers from other states that come in for this inauguration week and they shut everything down a week before the event even starts. So this Friday is the inauguration where the new president is going to be in and believe me you are going to see a ton of these security wands. So we thought it would be a perfect time to test this thing out. So when you turn it this way, It beeps.

I have strategically hidden metal things on my body.Lincoln, you have to try to find them. There’s one in your hoodie I bet. How did you know that? – I don’t know! It’s just like the perfect place to put something! – It’s half of the silver play button. Cell phone, cell phone, okay. Where’s it? Where? Right here?(scanner beeps) – Yup! – Let’s see what it is. Ah, you found my hatchet, dang it! I was hoping to hide that from you!.Something in my shoe? Oh no, it’s a gun, he’s got a gun! Don’t worry it’s cut in half. Great, my belt. I did not strategically hide that but it is metal.

You can fit a lot of stuff on your body. So, these things are very effective. Now you’ve seen how these things work. A couple weeks ago we had this unique experience where we were allowed to go to the U.S. Capitol and we were allowed to ask one of the most senior ranking Congressmen what his thoughts were on security. When was the time that you felt the most safe and the most unsafe? – I basically feel pretty safe. There are times that I’ve felt unsafe. Where you’re outside and there’s a disruption. Generally, that happens when you’re out campaigning. I’ve always felt pretty secure. How has security changed here in D.C. since 40 years ago to today? – They’ve always been very, very secure here.

Capitol Hill police really watch over this place. Yeah. There are times when they have to ramp up security. They check people pretty thoroughly. We’re giving you a behind the scenes access that a lot of people don’t get. This right here is a special hideaway. Yup! This is what they call a hideaway. So senators have hideaways. They have these rooms that’s up here in the Capitol building and this one’s not the biggest room out of them all but, this is Senator Orrin Hatch’s and before Orrin Hatch, for about 20 years, this was Ted Kennedy’s room.

So, the cool thing about this place is that this used to be the original Library of Congress. So, the Library of Congress wasn’t that big. They had books, but this room had all of the books. Can have people come up here and everything. This is where Donald Trump is going to give his speech! Alright, this is it! – Right here, look at that view. This is where, yeah you’re right. So that’s where the inauguration of the President takes place right down there. When President Obama became president, at his inauguration, it went all the way back there to that memorial. ┬áLike, all those grass fields. I can’t get it to go all the way.

So, we’ll still just leave it on, see what happens. It may or may not work. It is smoking. We’ve got melted plastic, gooey melted plastic. It’s actually pretty hot. The light’s still on. I guess that means we just continue onward. This side is completely cut. Just rip it. This side over here, not so much. Okay just rip it. One little part. There’s the inside of it. And then the chips are right here, up in the metal detect, up at the very top there’s a bunch of copper wires like right at the very top. But other than that, there’s not much metal in these compartments.

It looks like there’s one, two, three, four, five compartments within this body of the actual Garret blade part of it. Very bottom is the battery and actually it does look like the battery because it looks like you can take the bottom off which we didn’t do and put a battery in it. The simplest way that I could figure out how this wand actually works is you see these metal coils at the top, there’s actually an electrical current that flows throughout the entire wand and it creates a magnetic field and so once it gets close to an actual metal surface, the magnetic field from the surface of the metal gets within the zone of the wand, sets off the alarm, and makes it go. It’s still a bit hot in here. It felt like I was singing a 50 Cent song.

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