Secret To Finding Gold Nuggets – Metal Detector Training

This is one of Gerry’s gangs for the weekend of October, out here getting training. On there different gloss machines. And we’ve gotten a target here behind this bush. We’ve moved a little bit of over burden off the top. Usually when you remove overburden if the target moves, its surface trash, its normally not gold. If you remove the overburden and its still there where the dogs sniffing, please don’t pee there. Is a that is a better indicator, that its a target or, there is one thing that is got me fooled a little bit it’s this little bit its this little granular material right here some affordable and best metal detectors. This kind of material, when you have your machine set, very tight tolerances,the good guys, we dig those ok, they fool us. Mineralization. that stuff right there.

So you can see all this beautiful quarts laying around out here, these big flat rocks, hopefully, that is a piece of gold. Ok so come off to the side, of where you think the target is , you think it is right there? then bring your coil right over here and ground balance, reground balance. What we are doing is we are ground balanced to that layer of dirt where we think the target is, if we ground balance up here, your fooling your self your fooling the machine. Folks ground balance right off to the side. That’s why we make this big flipping flat spot. We are digging iffys that most people miss.

Can you guys here that? we are down about 6 inches. Ok so its right about there alright, I am going to take a little more off. Getting down there, That is about 10 inches so far. Its rising up and then down,just like I taught you guys from day one. Except not quite that loud. Now lift that coil and make it weaker. Keep lifting. That is what we barley heard right at first, just a slight rise metal detector training here.

That is how when you get down to that hard pan folks, that Is what you want to do, go around it just like she is and break up and lift. and break those chunks out of there. So it was right down to here from here right up to here. about 10 to 12 inches. OK. Husband and wife, great team, great team. now take half of that in your hand and sweep the scoop across. If its a bullet Ill eat it. I see it, I see it, I see it. I see it,yes. there it is. There is a nice nevad a nugget. Nice probably a 7 gram and look how deep that was folks. Almost a food deep, that is the power of pulse induction mine lab metal detectors.

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