Pinpointing Tips with the Garrett Pro Pointer

sometimes targets can be difficult to recover even with the pin-pointer but there’s a little-known trick with your pro pointer where you can re-tune it to a target. In this case I’ll show a small bucking ball peace of led this is an item is pretty small that could be hard to find in the field. But by re tuning you can narrow down the audio response to that target and move the pin pointer closer and closer to it to make it easier to find. I’ll demonstrate that by putting this piece a lead into this whole it’s about three inches deep and I’ll just cover it over the a little bit of dirt and I’ll come in my pin pointer is on I’m gonna go through the recovery methods.

If I’m searching down the hole to see if my target still in there so got a good strong signal and if I wanna check to see how close I am to it I get it near that strongest response and simply turn it off and on again real quick off and right back on and it’s only gonna respond when I get super close to that target now so now when it goes off I’m right on it and I can just reach down and there is my target I’ll actually demonstrate that on the ground right here I’ll set this target here now to set this back to its normal operation I’ll simply take the pro pointer away from any metal turn it off turn it back on again now it’s at full strength so I’m gonna drop down here and put it next to this little tiny musket ball you can see it’s going off very consistent when I get a to the strongest peak I’ll turn it off back on again and at this closeness I’m not responding to it.

I’ve knocked down an audio response where I almost have to touch it for it to go off so that shows you how a tiny piece of gold or tiny artifact like this you can really re-tune to the target to know if you’re close to it another way that comes in handy is if you have a larger target now over here in this other hole I’ve got a soda can at six inches deep a big target I’ve just dug down a couple inches I’m trying to determine if I’m close to my target.

I go to my pro pointer metal detector and turned on and I’m getting a good strong signal now how do I know if I’m right on my target I’m going to re-tune it to see if my target right there underneath the tip of the pro pointer so I’m gonna turn it off and back on again at that strongest peak speak I’ve lost all target response so what that tells me is it’s either a lot deeper or much larger target or quite possibly both now if I turn it off and back on again my targets there again I’m gonna have to dig down closer to it to get a response once I’ve re-tuned to the target so that’s one way to help tell a large target and a deep target from a target that you actually very close to just a couple of tips on re-turning with the pro pointer.

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