Metal Detecting – Samurai History! You be the Judge!

Welcome to Japan Treasure Hunters I’m Jonathan Lucas and today we are at a castle that’s up in the mountains. Its called Tokura Castle. Today is cold there’s some snow flying around but its gonna be a great day. Why. Because I got a special guest here Chris coming from Virginia his first time out here he actually just moved toJapan. So Chris what do you think today? I’m really excited to be out here with Japan Treasure Hunters. Thanks for having me out here like you said there’s a little snow coming down and I’m excited to do some metal detecting I’ve never done it before so I want to follow the best. Yeah well, not quite the best but I appreciate that. Yeah, I’d like to do what a lot of people do and that is to thank all my subscribers and my viewers but also you know I got to do the shameless plug of my goods.

So now as you can see Chris has got a Japan Treasure Hunters beanie Japan Treasure Hunters hat, sweatshirt you can go to my Esty site you can go to my web site and I’ve actually now I’ve got a Japanese store so all my Japanese viewers can go to that’s a Suzuki. Jp and I’ll have all those linked at the bottom of my description so Chris are you ready? I’m excited I’m ready this all right let’s go. Tokura Castle was constructed from the Muromachi Era to the warring states period on the mountain with the view of Itsukaichi basin below the eyes it is classified as a mountain castle Oshii Sadahisa was allegedly confined to Tokura Castlehence Tokura Castle is also called a castle as hermitage of Oishii SadahisaIt is believed that at the time HInohara Castle served as a strategic point on the passage to Kai and Tokura Castle functioned as a relay point for information from Ajiro and Takatsuki Castle for castles of Takiyama in Hachioji.

Tokura Castle was abolished in 1590 at the time of the fall of the Hachioji Castle. Alright Chris, the man we finally got up here it’s it that was like oh my goodness they weren’t kidding when they said it was 400 meters high. Yeah, we climbed about four football fields to the top and man what a view up here. It is amazing and your little watch, I guess you don’t need to work out now. Nope, I am good for the day. So so we got up here and we are at the hon marinara which like in other videos hon maru is where the main castle part is and apparently this was just kind of like a guard and information relay tower because as you can see in with the video now it’s an amazing view so you can see everything coming everything going but it’s really small area up here but you know what I the hike was worth it.

It definitely was and now I’m excited to learn from the best and do some metal detecting. You know I like you-you’re gonna have to come back if you keep talking like that but anyway I’m ready to get started we don’t have too much and the snow is starting to come down and I really don’t want to have to hike down that with snow all over the ground so let’s get started. Let’s get going. Alright. Jeff looks like we got the first, possibly the first hole of today, it’s ringing up under a pull-tab. Let’s see if I can. Hearing the sound That probably pulls tab right here. Well, at least the ground soft, that’s a good sign and of course okay now we can really start to dig now. We can start today.

Okay, I’m starting to get to the edge of the cliff here this is my first-time metal detecting see if we can find anything. Oh, there’s a ping, okay let’s see what we have here. Down there for sure. not sure what that is maybe I don’t know Jonathan might know what that is. Let’s see yeah well that’s what it was picking up I’ll see what that is maybe some pottery, an old piece of a wall. Alright so you can see we I’m gonna check out this little area here but if you look on both sides of me it’s like a crazy cliff so definitely got to be careful up here especially with the snow falling because yeah I want to get home in one piece. Amazing view amazing view. Well, here they found a pull-tab. Helps to turn it on right.

We’re in that opening yeah yeah yeah yeah now we’ve got to really think what On the way down you know you got to take your best metal detector to the ground on the way out to come up with a tone here 80 81 82so you know we’re gonna have to dig that one. Okay so this is like super cool this oh my god one it’s bronze cuz it’s already started – it’s got the green patina on it but what this is is this looks like a house heal for a samurai. What a find. Wow, there it is this is some sort of coin. Looks like a hundred yen maybe? not sure if it’s old or new I have to clean that off to tell. Kind of cool. We will do what we always do we’ll clean it up and show you later. That’s cool very cool there’s anything else.

All right Chris well I think we’re gonna wrap it up to call it a day you know it’s getting a little late in the afternoon snow let’s come down a little bit more than the hike down the mountain was horrendous. It’s been a great day thanks for having me out here yeah absolutely you’ll have to come out through it again. So so we’ll put the mountain up at the mountain castle it was really slow Pickens. I think if we were collecting pulled tabs for money we would be rich and he could actually retire because that’s all that was up there and so that was kind of disappointing cuz it was beautiful up there beautiful scenery. Great place for a castle. Yes, definitely great views. But as they say on the way out always check and so that’s that what we did and we actually ended up in quite well at the end of the day so if you take a quick look at the finds that we got.

Go over mine right quick I got a lot of five yens a few tens, this one here is a 1942 10Sen but I think the find of the day is absolutely this piece right here and this piece it looks like a flower or maple leaf and it’s it’s been engraved so it’s got all the veins and stuff on it and it looks like it’s extremely old so I’m gonna do some research on this design and see if it was actually a samurai design that was up at the castle and if it was frick in awesome that would be amazing Jackpot! Yep jackpot. Chris so what do you get.

Yeah well hey, first you might want to also point out this oh yeah BoyScout neckerchief slide you have here. I thought that was pretty cool especially since we’re both old Boy Scouts. Yeah right. Eagle Scouts. Oh, yeah and of course you know the pull tabs that we got to show pull tabs because it’s not a day detected unless you find one of those right. That’s right well I got some interesting treasures here as well to add to the Japan TreasureHunt. I’ve got various coins as well and my theme today was sake. I found this cup of sake I found some old lids to some sake and but the masterpiece I believe it is this right here and Jon I think you know more maybe about the history of that than myself. Yeah, that’s a Torii gate and usually they’refound around little tiny shrines that are just set up in the woods places. So actually where you found that was cool So it could have indicated that there was a shrine nearby at one time. Awesome find. Pretty cool find.

So yeah, today it ended up a great day start out slow that hike up was it was exercise. We definitely got a workout. Yes for sure so any last thoughts Chris. Hey, I just want to say thank you to Japan Treasure Hunters Jonathan Lucas for having me out here, thanks for keeping me warm with all your stuff you’ve got here and I look forward to doing this again Jonathan.

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