Metal Detecting Colonial Artifacts And Coins

You want to do something with ground penetrating metal detector. I guess that’s probably part of a structure right there. There are definitely buildings back in here, you can see some more there. So we’re going to get our metal detectors out, we’re going to hit back in here. So I decided just to work along the shore here a little bit until the tide comes completely in. I’m hearing some iron. Haven’t found anything good yet, but there’s some pottery here Indian pottery. And I found what I think is a little stone tool. This piece here has definitely been flaked. So that’s you know that’s been worked by man. And this piece here has definitely been either ground down probably ground down. Can’t tell if, I don’t think it’s chipped. Somewhat chipped, down into a blade of some sort that might have been a bigger piece but. That would make that would be a cutting blade. I guess they could have, well look at the little lines across there. To me, maybe they embedded this in something? Some type of wood or palmetto and used it like a knife. Perhaps, I don’t know, but it’s definitely worked by man.

So we’ll save it. Estuary treasure! Look at that! It’s a fishing rod and pole there and another one well I guess it’s, maybe that’s all one rig huh? That’s the reel. And that’s the rod and the top. Ha-ha! Think I should save it for Billy? He could work on that. I don’t think he’s going to want to though. So, we ended up leaving that place, where it’s kind of thick and we hunted around for a couple hours found nothing except a few modern bullets. We moved some and. I’m walking up this path. And I’m starting to find some melted lead, so I’m hopeful I’m getting close to something. Billy’s about a half a mile away, going the opposite direction.

Checking that way so, we’re going to hunt around here for a little bit maybe find like two or three buttons. We’ll pack it up and we’ll get Billy and get the gator and come right to this spot. Of course he might be in a good spot too, who knows? This is my second piece of lead that I found and just a few feet and the iron just picked up, I just started hearing iron. It has been a really quiet morning as far as our targets, there’s hardly anything at all. Very few nails or anything but, we might be on a good spot right now. We’ll get back with you. This is a great find right here, this is probably like a spoon handle, pewter. Awesome! There’s a lot of targets in here. What we’re going to do is a hunt around. I see oyster shells. We’re going to hunt around just a little bit. One or two more targets and we’ll get Billy. I think I might have my phone, so i’ll try my phone but just listen to this here.

So that’s all iron. Past my shovel. It’s getting thicker and thicker the further up I go. You see we’re just off the water right there, so there might have been a house here one time. You see I have it set on zero discrimination. The reason why I do that is you know, when I’m out doing this, looking for places. I’m not looking for a button, and I’m not looking for a coin. I’m not looking for a bullet. I’m looking for a site, okay, so I’m listening for the iron. Because the site could be a hundred feet across or five hundred feet across. So once you start hitting more iron in one area than it is in the other parts of the field. You kind of zero in on that and try to find more iron and get you know look for where it’s thicker and thicker and thicker. And then you end up in a place like this. Where there’s a lot of good targets mixed in so. I move fast when I’m looking for new places because i’m not looking for that bullet. I’m looking for “the site”. That’s how you find ’em. Quickly, if you don’t have a lot of time like me, so let’s get back to digging.

I’m going to have to find this target one more time. I’m not sure if that’s the same one we have but I’m going to scuff it with my boot. And go get the shovel, which is behind me. And we’re going to dig that and if it’s any good. We’ll get Billy. I’ll see if I have my phone first that’s a ways. So go ahead and dig this. And I saw a charcoal.

In one of my dig holes so. Definitely something going on here. Alright hopefully we got that. God look how soft the ground is! Awesome! Like that clay that we have back home. Alright. See that’s iron. I suspect it fell back in the hole.

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