Incredible Coin Spill – I’ve Set My New Record

Are you interested in metal detecting tours Europe. I will run the 29 kHz frequency with my old setting. It was a very hot day as you can hear :). Only change: Tone-DISC is set to “3” with the “Deep” program as base for my setting. Everything else reminds the same. First target. I also had to buy a new pin pointer, because my old (trusty) Garrett was falling apart. It’s the “Garrett II”. Of course the root has to be right above the target. A pinfire cartridge. A nice looking forest. Probably WWII garbage. I have a destination point, but I decided to start detecting on my way. It’s just foil. My expectations are very low, the area looks like it could have been used by workers. Some type of “mining work”. Hmm, a lead seal. I’m moving faster forward. I don’t like this signal. The ground is mineralised, maybe this made it worse. It’s a relatively thin buckle.

Time to move on. Hmm, a leather pouch. Another buckle. GPS point #2. Sounds like iron, but let’s see. It’s a coin. A coin with iron core and thin copper alloy. Another one. A small coin spill. There is more. Another one. Let’s see the coins first. German “1-2-5 Pfennig” coins (1950-2001 era).

#3 There could be more. Another one. “1 Pfennig”. Same type. 1962? Hmm, there is more. I apologize for the noise of the detector. The Deus is noisy if it runs with max. performance. More coins. The flies are very aggressive today. The same kind, 1, 2 and 5 Pfennig. A caterpillar has to be evacuated. 🙂 Probably a “she”.

No. OK. Maybe here? She likes this spot. More. From now on I will leave the coins here. I’m moving slowly forward (I would call it the “wave formation” :). When I find a coin spill, I never check the whole extent. I want to know as little as possible, hoping that the coin spill will last. It makes it more exciting that way. I hear people coming. One women asked if there is a path behind me. I had no idea. She asked If one can find anything here. I said, just a few Pfennig coins, but it’s fun. She wished me luck and I could concentrate on my coin spill. What a strange place. This pin pointer is painfully slow (like the orange one). Their first model was much better. I bought this pin pointer only because it can be switched OFF with one short press of a button. The coin spill will not end. There is still more.

I’m “skipping forward” a little bit. The coins have the same color as the soil and are incredibly hard to see. It is very exhausting. This is how a “Pfennig” treasure sounds :). It is one of my most difficult hunts. I’m being slowed down by this pin pointer. If you move the tip away from the target, it still beeps for a “long” time. Awful recovery speed. This of course makes is hard(er) to find the target. Come on, you can do it. This is unbelievable – what has happened at this place. I have to relocate the treasure to a bigger “table”. It also is a welcome break to stretch the legs. I’ve put some coins into my pouch too, when the position allowed it. I have to take out the other stuff first. That’s already a lot, my biggest coin spill so far. It took me 2h 16m.

And there seems to be more. Let’s take a first look at the dimensions. Coins everywhere! OMG. That’s a massive “coin spill”. I will try to isolate the left side and walk back in a circle. That’s the border. But it could expand to the right side. I have to speed up. I’m going for a new coin spill record now. 😉 If I had my old (fast) Garrett pin pointer, I would be already counting the coins at home. With this thing, it takes unnecessary long. The (genetically modified?) flies are attacking the camera as it get’s hotter. They otherwise attack my eyes, because it’s the warmest spot on my face (they recognize it). I have safety goggles from the hardware store, but it’s simply too hot to wear them.

The coins are still the same BTW. All 1, 2 and 5 Pfennig. Some “2 Pfennig” coins are sounding much better, because the material is bronze. After 1969 they were made with an iron core. Where is it? 🙂 That’s a hot spot. What can I say. No? They are picky these days. Can you see the fresh hole on the right? That wasn’t me. Very strange. I can tell you – it’s no fun at this point. Some coins were pretty deep (compared to others). Some under rocks. I use my watch, to reduce the range of this pin pointer. By activating it one inch from it. Unfortunately it doesn’t change the fact that it is too slow. I will show you pictures and count the coins at the end. A few more. I’m closing the holes and leaving the rest for another hunt. I don’t understand why this hole is here.

It’s still full of coins. One last look. I have to go. I’m done. It was one of my hardest hunts. The helicopter. “right on time”. I wish (this time) he could take me out of this forest ;). That’s it. Not much trash today. A lead seal. A buckle. Another one. Some better looking examples. What a coin spill.

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