How to ID audio signal Tesoro metal detector

Hey guys Paul here, welcome! I’ve got a couple questions recently asking how to decipher interpret the audio signal on a Tesoro metal detector with no visual display. This is a great question. If you learn the language of the Tesoro, then the metal detector will speak to you. So if you’re metal detecting like on a farm or something where there’s no trash, no garbage, then you can metal detect with your sensitivity cranked just roll off that so it’s not chattering like crazy, just so it stops,and if you go just past iron for example, you’re gonna get a lot of good signals where there’s no trash. However, I’m in areas always where there is a lot of foil, pull tabs, etc. so I always discriminate out foil.

By discriminating out foil, you’re gonna be losing gold but I just don’t find a lot of people dropping gold rings and stuff around here. I’m mostly looking for silver coins. Now probably the single most important tip with the Tesoro is to seek out very weak signals: the really loud signals that pinpoint very loudly in a cross or X, they’re gonna be coins, especially if you discriminate past zinc.

If you’re discriminating past zinc penny and it is still pinging really good, that’s probably going to be a coin, but the louder the signal, the shallower the depth, so you wanna listen for the weaker signals that pinpoint really nicely, but that still make the discrimination tests past zinc. Those are going to be your deepest coins.

If you’re not sure if it’s really a coin or how deep it is, one trick you can do is go over to “all metal” and see how loud the signal is. If the signal is really weak, even on “all metal” but you’re making a good cross shape over the target and it’s still just a weak signal, that may be a very deep coin. This detector is going to pick up coins to about six inches, maybe seven inches top sin all-metal. You’re going to want to use headphones like these.

I got these disconnected right now so you can hear the tones for the video, but you’re gonna want to hunt using headphones, especially if you’re in a public place. Check out this Barber quarter: so I go right past Foil. Crank sensitivity so that it’s not chattering too much, and you see how nice signal that is. It’s very pinpointed, and I can even go past zinc penny with that. You’re also gonna get a similar signal even with a brass key.

It’s a fine pinpoint, cross X shape, always pinpoint your target with a cross shape, and so if I roll off that sensitivity past zinc penny, I’m thinking that’s a quarter or a dime, but in fact it’s a brass key, and if you get that kind of signal, you still gotta dig that because this registers exactly as a quarter might! So that’s what happens with coins; now I show what happens with a longer signal, and how you can avoid digging up junk and bigger targets like this piece of aluminum. Now remember how pinpointed those coin signals were. See where my signal is starting? The signal’s gonna go the length of that object.

I know already that is not a coin, because the signal runs that length. So I’m not gonna dig it basically. I mean it could be a spoon. But if you’re coin hunting this is definitely not a coin. Now as you’re metal detecting you want to discriminate out the target so you can identify exactly what it is and you gotta trust your detector: this Tesoro discrimination is legendary and it will not lie to you. Yes you should do tests just to confirm that just so you have experience with the detector, but this detector will not lie to you.

If something registers between Foil and5 cents, that means it’s not foil although it could be leaded foil, and still could be five cents.If you go just past five cents and you don’t get a signal, that means it’s probably a nickel.Going past zinc penny is gonna pick up a copper penny, but it’s not gonna pick up a cheap zinc penny. As you’re metal detecting, have your thumb on Discrimination. This is referred to as thumbing the target; you might read about that on some forums. The more you discriminate, the less your signal is going to be.

The weaker the audio signal’s gonna be and it’s true that you may just discriminate out a perfectly good, deeper target, so that’s why I always keep it around Foil,unless I’m in really trashy ground, but generally I’ll keep it at Foil, and then if I get a very weak signal that disappears after pull tab, it just might be a very deep signal, so if you’re getting a very weak signal, that still kind of sounds past pull tab and then maybe peters out altogether, that may be worthwhile digging because it just could be out of range of the eight-inchconcentric coil.

Hey guys, I hope these simple tips help you godeeper and get the good stuff with your Tesoro metal detector. I prefer audio-only detectors: there’s nothing to distract you visually, just enjoy being outside and metal detecting, and as mentioned, if you learn the language of the Tesoro, it will speak to you.

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