Frozen Pizza Metal Detector & Conveyor

There are various metal detectors for food industry. There is a metal detector with divert used for checking for metal contamination in frozen pizzas. The unit features stainless steel wash down construction and ensures all products leaving your facility are within acceptable limits for metal contamination. Wrapped frozen pizzas first pass through the metal detector, which can sense small metal fragments and signal the system to reject contaminated product down-line. If metal is detected, the divert activates pushing the product off of the line. Here is a demonstration showing the sensitivity of the metal detector. A contamination free pizza passes through. Next, a small metal fragment is placed on top of the same pizza.

The metal is immediately identified on the screen, and the divert removes the product from the line. We maintain a metal-free zone around the metal detector, so that the conveyor frame does not interfere with the metal sensing apparatus. Notice how the motor is mounted far away from the metal detector so that electro-magnetic fields do not interfere with it. Casters permit easy movement of the entire unit to another line. This metal detector can store multiple products with proper calibration settings for each product. There is no need to calibrate each product before a new product run. Simply select the appropriate product and you’re ready to go! Using this system gives you confidence in knowing all product leaving your facility are within acceptable limits for metal contamination.

Loma Inspection Systems

Does your inspection system comply with the latest regulations? Loma inspection systems and Lock Inspection they are specially designed to comply and exceed the most recent quality control regulations as well as the upcoming laws and regulations. During production the risk of contamination must be kept to a minimum but in the case of deficiencies the product must be identified and expelled correctly from the production line. Our systems are equipped with practical configurations and sensors which guarantee the highest level of efficiency even in the event of malfunctions. If you can’t find the right system for your line contact us to see how our systems are they can give you maximum security on the quality of your products.

Easy and Safe Offshore Precious Metals IRAs

Both firms are working together to offer American investors offshore precious metals IRAs and we’ll have an opportunity to speak with them today. Mark can you please tell us a little bit about Strategic Wealth Preservation otherwise known as SWP? Sure, thanks Lynn it’s nice to be here today with you and John SWP is a Class Three UL rated storage facility located here in Georgetown in the Cayman Islands. If you’re trying to visualize where that is on a map it’s about one hour South by plane from Miami, Florida. SWP is a purpose-built facility specifically designed for gold and silver storage.

Our concept, when we were building the facility was to create an offshore storage option for investors in the Western Hemisphere. We traveled the world visiting other storage facilities and Panama, Miami, New York and basically the idea was to take the best practices from all those different facilities that we had visited and incorporate them into one world-class offshore option and that’s what we’ve done. Yes, you certainly have, we’ve had the opportunity to see the facility and that is exactly what you’ve done.

You talked Mark about storing precious metals in the depository, can you tell us a little bit more about how you became approved to store IRA metals? Yes, I was doing some research about a year ago into self-directed IRA storage when I came across an advertisement that was promoting the possibilities for Americans to store Gold Eagles as part of their self-directed IRAs in Switzerland and this caught my attention.

I dug a little bit deeper and at that point I connected with New Direction IRA, a leading IRA Administrator that had begun offering offshore IRA storage as an option to the clients that they were servicing and in speaking to New Direction we were able to determine that SWP and the Cayman Islands would be eligible as an approved IRA storage facility and basically we took it from there. John, you have worked extensively with New Direction IRA and have quite a bit of experience in precious metals IRAs, can you talk a little bit about why an investor should consider owning precious metals in their IRA? Well, first of all a lot of the wealth that people have is held in retirement plans. Many of them have been contributing throughout the course of their lifetime, going into401ks, IRAs, 403b’s and other types of tax deferred vehicles here in the United States.

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