FOUND Awesome Treasures Out Metal Detecting

Are you trying to find some security metal. Okay, we’re behind the swing sets where people swing and he’s hearing a beep right on the surface. Something is right here. What is it? A ring! That’s cool. I found a ring. Three hundred and five dollars. Who’s ready to fight some ancient stuff? We’re going metal detecting. So our grandma said about a story about, Utah. There’s a tale about the Nephites. That Indians had gold and they went around this trail and what basin and then went to water Canyon And they made a cave and there’s tons of gold in it. We want to go metal detecting in that area so that we might find some ancient stuff. And she told us some people in like a beaver hole. They crawled in it and it was actually a cave and a had Spanish gold in it. It was really cool. So we’re going to find some awesome stuff. Ryan just called me and he heard that we were going metal detecting. And he said I want to go.

We’re swinging back by the House to go pick up Ryan’s. So he can come with us and I guess he’s been doing a lot of research and studying really good Places to go metal detecting. So it might be beneficial to bring him. We decided to hit way down on Spanish Fork Mountain. There’s like this reservoir of water. And a little beach space and a lot of people go and hang out on the beach. And there’s just a big holiday weekend this last weekend. So ton of people were probably at this beach hanging out, swimming. So we might find some really cool stuff left over on the beach. From all the partying. So we’re going to go see what we can find. This is a water proof search coil So we can probably put it up into the water around this deep and see if there’s anything in the shallow water that might have fallen in the water too. Oh this is going to be good.

So there’s beep. Deep one right here and it says its metal like 25 cents or ten cents, please. There’s definitely something right here guys Yeah, right there it says it’s deep about six inches. Feel something? Yeah. Something hard? Yeah. That’s not the metal thing. So we’ve reached the bottom so whatever we’re looking for it’s going to be. Yeah, let’s widen the hole. We’re getting cement to stuff. Which means there’s rebar in the cement right? So one thing that I’m noticing as I’m walking along this path. It’s consistently beeping. Even as I’m moving forward it’s beeping right about this same like trajectory So I think there might be rebar in the cement underneath this pond. Because there’s it’s a man made pond. And I think that’s what we’re picking up as we kind of go along this This line right here. Either that or someone took a whole bunch of pennies and string them up and. We’re not finding anything we dig.

We’re just hitting the cement. So I think it’s just a rebar with cement. So we’re just going to kind of ignore this line and look for look around some other areas. Hey, there’s something right here, it’s just under the surface A penny! What year? Yeah, what year is it? Okay washed it up. Well, that’s not going to pay the bills Let’s go somewhere else. We’re not seeing too much stuff here as much as I had hoped. So I kind of want to go through some Of those grassy areas. There’s some campsites too. It’s metal Oh it’s a fish hook. Oh my goodness, it’s good thing we have shoes on. That’s a hook. It’s a fish hook right there. Sharp. That will cut into your skin. Hey we got to keep this one though. Where? Right here? Yeah.

And it’s just under the surface. It’s right here. And it’s not deep. That’s hard stuff though. It is might just be on the surface. That is hard. It is there. There is something there. There it is, I found it. Yeah there’s a piece of metal right here. Yeah. Careful. It’ll cut you. Careful. Dig it with the shovel. Don’t hit it. Don’t hit it right on it. Well, yeah. it’s just a soda can But it’s still dee and buried in there I’m bleeding. There’s something right there? Yeah. Something right here, shallower. Just move those little use your hand and kind of.

Oh you got it! A penny. How old is it? What’s the year? 1979. Wow and it’s in good shape, actually, that’s really good shape. You want to give it to Ryan. Is Ryan holding all the stuff? Yeah. So the last one we found was a 2015. This one’s 1979. It’s in really good shape. Metal detecting is a patient’s sport.

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