DIY Pulse Induction Metal dDtector

Last post I show you the waveform of the 2 kinds of metal Copper and Nickel it’s something like so tiny to be picked up by a ADC or micro controller so difficult at all and I also try plenty of time to use a felez joo PI detector which actually the same circuit as my detector it’s read some time correct some time totally nonsense and that the device has a lot of parameters to be set up and it really makes me confused I just can only use it to discriminate some metal so I think that it does not fit me very well I want to build a metal detector just like a idiot camera so that more people without professional knowledge can operate the device very easily.

But after some work this device do have some good performance. ok let’s try two euro 15 centimeters.Let’s try this golden ring the ring. probably 16 centimeters let’s try this aluminum can.

Okay 40centimeters but this device cannot discriminate different kind of metal okay I try to explain this for you in this schematic diagram shows my detector as well as felezjoo PI and other similar circuit has only one has only one amplifier which can magnify ten thousand times maybe something like that okay and and they can only pick up signals right here the waveform has tiny difference between ferrous and non-ferro some times it’s hard to tell if the metal is a ferro or non ferro you see the green line is ferro and the blue line is bon ferro right here.

Small different is hard to pick up and if you see the waveform here in this area the ferro goes up the Green Line goes up and the non ferro goes down it’s nice and clear.

Everything goes easily to the answer so my plan is to to put two amplifier in the circuit one is still here one is still magnifying ten thousands times to pick up the signals of the metals and tell us if there is a metal or not and another amplifier may magnify just 10times to focus here to focus here and pick up the signal if the metal was ferro orĀ  non ferro. So I will use two amplifier and a two channels of ADC s to do the job I’ll make another PC board when when I get the board back I’ll do the test.

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