Detecting Two Sides Of A Road With Double Luck

People find difficulty in how to tell what kind of metal. I was on my way to a location, when I saw this spot. It looked interesting, so let’s give it a try. As you can hear, it’s located close to a road. First find. The soil looks nice. Unfortunately with many roots. It’s a shell casing. The terrain looks modified. I don’t know by who or when. I really like the brawn color of the soil. This looks like ammo clip. Another shell casing. I have a good feeling about this one. The roots are everywhere. It’s a coin! I believe it’s silver. “6 Kreuzer”, very early 1800’s. GPS (POI) #1. This is the first time, where a shovel would be useful over a long distance. The finds are “deeper” than normal. Just another casing. I think, this could be a former military area. Is there something? Not really with this setting. It sounded like deep iron.

A little bit better from this angle. Almost there. Unfortunately a “deep” casing. A horrible web of roots. Again. And again. There is a hole, the casing came probably from there. It is not my intention to cover every inch of this place. I just want to get an overview. There, another hole. Again a very weak “signal”. It becomes much better without the leaves. Still with iron grunt. This is my “All-Metal” setting. I will use it as base and make a program out of it. With DISC set to “2.9”. The iron grunt comes instantly back. I would like to get clean signals with this detector. It’s a bag seal (made of lead). That’s not very deep. And such a terrible signal. #2 (No, there was no iron in the hole). I have a good feeling again. The second hand sign meant “target (probably) on edge”. It’s a ring (of some sort). Was it made for fabric? I’m constantly changing between settings. I really don’t like all the tweaking, but sometimes it’s the only way. At least it allows me to compare certain parameters. It’s still (deeper) in the hole.

It looks like a piece of lead. Next to a hole. But the find seems undisturbed. Another casing. A piece of foil? I don’t have any hopes. Indeed, the next casing. One more. I think, it’s time to move on and find another spot. I think, I found something. It’s a path on the other side of the road. Let’s see. Not much going on so far. “First” find in the new spot. Interesting. It’s a coin. “5 Reichspfennig” (1940’s). GPS (POI) #4 – this spot is very close, I’m seeing it as one hunt. The overall detecting time is 1h:10min so far. Walk (to this spot) included. It sounded like iron. I like it. Is it working? A small bit of foil. Another piece of foil.

Roots everywhere. A silver coin! What a surprise. “50 Reichspfennig”. From 1875. Oh no, I see a scratch. The surface made contact with a tiny stone. That’s a bummer. Where is my spray? The scratch is all I see at this point. It doesn’t happen to me often. Iron. A rusty shell casing. Foil. Next to the path. Part of a can, or something. I think, older finds could have been here. But the layer of leaves is too thick. I expect trash. A rusty casing. It doesn’t even makes sense to check. It’s a pull tab. Back on the path small casing? It’s probably “1 Reichspfennig” coin from the 40’s. A small button. Sounds like deeper iron. But let’s check it out. I don’t know what it is. Car license plate? “. S A” – “U S A”? Hmm. A button. Hmm again. And something for my female viewers :). Believe it or not – this is a coin. A “Pfennig” (1948-2001). This beauty is a “Pfennig” from the 40’s. Hmm. Could be from the 40’s as well. Ammo clip. Bullets and a musket ball. A “5 Reichspfennig” coin. 1940. A “ring” (from a piece of fabric?).

A bag seal (made of lead). Yes, this is a button. Another one. The shank was loose.Could this be a U.S. plate? “50 Reichspfennig” (1875) (silver). “6 Kreuzer” (early 1800’s) (silver). Trash and treasure.

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